Death From Below

The One Where They Find a Massiff

Session 5

The crew rest on their ship while they try to figure out what their next move will be. It turns out that is decided for them, because when they try to leave the Spaceport two large thugs named Lucas and George stop K’lee and want to talk. Turns out they work for her dad and in exchange for not turning her in to him, they want her to do a job for them (why risk their necks after all?) Her dad wants a couple of massiffs to raise and train as personal bodyguards, and she and her new found friends are going to get them.

The group looks into their options and decides to head to Tatooine to find the beasts. They land in a local town and start their search. They see a shop owner that has couple of them chained up outside of this store but he says, rather adamantly, that they are not for sale. K’lee is able to charm him into telling her where they can find some. He says there’s a breeder in Mos Espa or they could just head out into the desert and hope for the best. The crew decides that since they don’t actually have any money, the desert is their best bet. Pipes is able to find some fresh tracks and follow them to a cave. They wait until sunset and after a large pack of the massiffs ┬áleave the cave to go out for their nightly hunt, half the group enters (Mom, Fezzik, Gandalfini, and Pipes) while the rest stand guard outside.

Inside the cave they find a few large females protecting their clutch of cubs. After stunning one of them and Fezzik killing one that stays attached to his leg with a death grip they are able to grab a few of the Cubs and leave.



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