Death From Below

The One Where They Find the Guy

Session 3

Our adventure starts with our group preparing to go find Seng, but before they can do that Boss gets a call from an old friend, a Wookiee named Steve. He tells Boss that he has a perfect job for someone with his particular set of skills. There is a Imperial officer that is in the market for a new protocol droid. Steve wants, no needs, Boss to be the one to sell him that Droid. Once all of the officers Imperial data/secrets are uploaded, get the droid back so that all that data will be a boon to the Rebellion.
They decide to let Dot pass for the protocol Droid and head over to the space station to meet the officer with Gandalfini taking the form of a human and Luna there to run any technical interference. They pretend to do a compatibility test and they steal as much information as they can from the officers current Droid and then tell him that it doesn’t look like this model will work for him. (That way they don’t have to get Dot back later)

The officer is very upset and has his aide rush them off the station. Boss sends a copy of the data to Steve and keeps a copy for them self in case it comes in handy later. Ten they jump back to Toydaria.

When they arrive, they head to the area near the Imperial Garrison and find a bar to start looking for info on where Seng may be. After talking to the bartender they see that lieutenant Herkin, that took Seng, is currently in one of the booths. They booze him up and press him for information and find out that all prisoners are taken to the Garrison and then shuttled up to the brig on the local Star Destroyer.

They decide to head up to the star Destroyer and find Seng. Gandalfini pretends to be Herkin, with Pipes as his arm candy and Fezzik as his prisoner, while the rest of the group stays behind to make sure the real Herkin stays put. They do end up bluffing their way into the prison, only to find out that Seng has already been “delivered” and that the rest of the prisoners are on their way to the same spot soon.
Gandalf initially warns the team about what’s happening, and they board the Colo and prepare to launch and follow fake Herkin the star destroyer.
The Star Destroyer jumps to hyperspace but no one on The Colo has any idea where they’ve gone so there’s nothing they can do but wait…
The Destroyer arrives in orbit around Rodia, fake Herkin immediately calls the rest of the group to tell them where they are. They take an Lambda class shuttle down ad arrive to a Rodian Clan’s hunting compound, and the crafty shape-shifter arranges for a tour of the area.

The rest of the group shows up and tries to sneak into the property, while Dot and Luna wait aboard the ship. I won’t go into detail here, but just know that a few Rodian guards were hurt, some Imperial prisoners that were to be hunted for sport were set free, and after much flailing around in the forest, they eventually find that man and leave Rodia to head back to Toydaria and collect their payment.



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