Death From Below

The One Where They Rob a Train

session 7

As the crew regroups inside Geronimo trying to figure out what they are going to do next, they get a knock at the door from Seng.
He says he’s very impressed with them, noting that never before have so few done so much damage with so few resources. He laughs and says that they are his kind of people, and that based on their (admittedly brief) track record, he has a job that should be right up their alley: Stealing some cargo back from the Empire. If they they want the job, meet them at Randy’s workshop tonight
They gear up and meet at Randy’s shop and Seng gives them the details: Ever since their antics with the Star Destroyer they borrowed, the Empire isn’t illegally taking prisoners off-planet to be hunted anymore, but now they’re being packed onto a train and taken to who knows where? He wants the crew to rescue as many people as they can from a train that is leaving tonight. Randy will loan them an airspeeder, since they need to be as discreet as possible.

Although it takes them a while to board the train from the speeder, they are eventually successful. They stun any opposition they find, rescue the prisoners, and liberate some cargo (guns and stuffed animals) before they leave.
They return and Seng pays them what he owes them for the job. When they get back to Geronimo K’lee tosses one of the teddy bears to Squeaker to play with, and as he happily rips it to shreds they learn that the toys are all filled with spice.



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