“Boss” is older, wiser, but don’t mistake him for an easy mark. He travels light, and is quick on his feet (all the better to escape when trouble starts brewing). Tall, lean with a beard that is just starting to go grey.


A promising career in the Imperial Navy came to an end when, in a brief moment of conscience, Boss chose not to look the other way when his commanding officers stole a shipment of supplies bound for the Outer Rim.
However, instead of being commended for his Integrity, he was shipped to the spice mines of Kessel. (Turns out his commanding officer had a high-ranking father in Imperial command)
Knowing there was no place back for himself back in the core worlds he bounced around from one fringe world to another, making his way the best he could. He’s run across the Empire enough to be a thorn in their sides and gotten himself a ‘detain on sight’ for his efforts.

Boss is often the voice of reason, and the most reluctant member of the group. He is constantly threatning to abandon them at the 1st sign of trouble.


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