Death From Below

The One Where They Enter A Pit Fight
Session 18

Our travelers arrive at the arena and meet up with Anthony. He informs them that there has been a slight change in plans. While he talks, Brock appears in a doorway behind him. Fezzik won’t be fighting Anthony’s champion, but a competitor brought in by Brock. Fezzik can bring in as many allies as he wants.

Mom, Boss, Fezzik, Gandal and Pipes all enter the arena, Luna heads into the stands, while K’lee and Brock join Anthony in his private box. Anthony tells the fighters they can choose their enemy from any of the three doors at the other end of the arena. They pick door number one, and as it opens, the arena starts filling with water, and an adult Dianoga slithers out of the doorway.

Mom immediately lunges her sword into the beasts eye, blinding it. The creature lashes out blindly, grabbing whoever it can (Usually Fezzik). As K’Lee cheers her friends on, Luna decides to sneak out and find a way to drain the arena. Luna finds a computer room, and is able to sneak in and drain the tank. Just as it is clear that the team has gotten the better of the monster, Anthony admits he’s been beat, and hands Wren over to K’lee. Brock, unsatisfied, reaches forward and activates the arena doors, releasing two Nexu and a chemlizard. The dianoga rips down a section of the arena wall, and the team uses that as an exit route. They all escape the chaos and meet near the entrance to the wheel’s underbelly to regroup.


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