Death From Below

The One Where They Go To The Wheel
session 15

While in orbit planning their next move, the group gets a call from Steve: "You’ve gotten us an officer! Good Show old boy! Meet a couple of our operatives at the Wheel, and hand him off there please". Next thing you know, they are off to the mid rim, headed to the giant space station.

Unfortunately they get slightly lost in transit on their way to the Wheel. Geronimo exits from hyper space to find two ships in the distance darting in and out of an asteroid field. One ship contacts them asking for help collecting the bounty on the other ship. She’s the agrees but after 60 percent of the bounty the Pirates come back and Ronettes ridiculous and there’s no way they’re paying that much but all they need is for the big really stay out of the way and maybe offer a little bit of assistance.¬†

They get a call from the ship under attack asking for assistance but something doesn’t sound quite right with him so they decide to side with the Pirates. After the pirates capture their quarry, they pay the crew of the Colo for helping.

After a proper hyperspace jump, they arrive safely at the wheel and hand off the Imperial officer to Rebel agents that they meet. While stocking up on supplies, they run into two of Kaylee’s old friends, Lucas and George, and just like last time, they offer her a trade; they won’t turn her in to her father if she can run a little errand for them.

Lucas and George came to the wheel to find someone that is fleeing from her father and they can’t allow that, so they came here to stop him. Unfortunately, it turns out he’s wanted by several other people, the Empire being the most relevant, since there is an approaching Star Destroyer. If K’lee can get their guy from the brig, before the Empire shows up to complicates things, they can all go their separate ways.

Our team ends up freeing more people from prison then they expected, but they are able to grab their target and deliver him, without getting caught. Shortly after they say goodbye to K’lee’s associates, a message is heard across the station.

“We are no longer your slaves. The Droid revolution starts today!”

The one where they fight droids
session 16

“We are no longer your slaves. The Droid revolution starts today!”

They decide they aren’t’ sticking around to see what they Droids have in store for the lifeforms on The Wheel, but when they get to their ship, they see that the entire station has been locked down. No one appears to be able to get so much as a message in or out, much less a starship. They head upstairs to the administration office and find the control room for the docking bays, figuring that is their best best to get out unscathed.
Turns out the Droids had the room heavily guarded, but the crew is able to get in, and clear their ship for launch. When they leave the office heading back to the spaceport, two assassin droids quickly bear down on them.

In their scramble to escape they get split up. Pipes goes into the office next door and frees a group of hostages being guarded by a droid. Gandal heads to the shopping area, and the rest of the crew heads back to the ship.

The One Where They Continue to Fight Droids
session 17

The main group arrives at their ship just in time to find a giant Droid blocking their way after their initial Panic they noticed Kaylee’s old friends Lukas and Jorge asking what the rush is
They admit that they lost red and the Droid attack and they need or want me to go get him back from the sublevels before they are allowed to leave. The group a squid acquiesce since they really don’t have another choice and they don’t want to be on the space station in a longer although physics thinks that you can take the Droid. Mom decides they need to find the rest of the team before heading sublevel.

Back up at the administration level, Pipes dodges the ASN droids and leaves, followed by scared hostages, to explore & find the others. By the time she gets to the ship, they are gone.

Gandalf arrives at the shopping area to find all the shops closed and the area abandoned. He finds a group of girls who’s parents were taken, and ask him for help. He hides with them when he hears someone coming. From one direction its his crewmates, from the other, two more ASN droids. Fezzek takes the fight to the droids and rushes to attack.
Pipes finds her crewmates in the middle of battling the droids and figures they have it handled. She finds a safe passage to the underbelly of the Wheel, and contacts the group to meet her there.

The group meets up with Pipes in the sub levels, (after a fierce and fiery Droid battle involving explosions, alarms, jetpacks and one really upset shop owner.) and they learn that the man in charge, Anthony Kalar, has Wren captured. The catch up with Anthony watching the pit fights and make a deal, if Fezzik can beat Anthony’s best fighter, they can have Wren. If he fails, Pipes will be a prisoner here. K’lee agrees, and they prepare for the next days fight.

The One Where They Enter A Pit Fight
Session 18

Our travelers arrive at the arena and meet up with Anthony. He informs them that there has been a slight change in plans. While he talks, Brock appears in a doorway behind him. Fezzik won’t be fighting Anthony’s champion, but a competitor brought in by Brock. Fezzik can bring in as many allies as he wants.

Mom, Boss, Fezzik, Gandal and Pipes all enter the arena, Luna heads into the stands, while K’lee and Brock join Anthony in his private box. Anthony tells the fighters they can choose their enemy from any of the three doors at the other end of the arena. They pick door number one, and as it opens, the arena starts filling with water, and an adult Dianoga slithers out of the doorway.

Mom immediately lunges her sword into the beasts eye, blinding it. The creature lashes out blindly, grabbing whoever it can (Usually Fezzik). As K’Lee cheers her friends on, Luna decides to sneak out and find a way to drain the arena. Luna finds a computer room, and is able to sneak in and drain the tank. Just as it is clear that the team has gotten the better of the monster, Anthony admits he’s been beat, and hands Wren over to K’lee. Brock, unsatisfied, reaches forward and activates the arena doors, releasing two Nexu and a chemlizard. The dianoga rips down a section of the arena wall, and the team uses that as an exit route. They all escape the chaos and meet near the entrance to the wheel’s underbelly to regroup.


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