Death From Below

The One Where They Kidnap an Officer
Session 13

Steve explains that the Rebellion has gotten a hold of an Imperial code, and to further confuse the Empire, they want to make it look like an officer defected to give them the code. All he needs from Boss is and Imperial officer.

The group decides to head back to Toydaria first to drop off Tory, they land at the Spaceport and find Bwox the Hutt waiting for them. Bwox’ thanks them while his thugs take Tory away. He tells them that this covers the debt that they owe from the Dugs, and he will contact them when it’s time to pay them back for the warehouse and the droids. In lieu of having their expenses covered, they decide to ask for their ship to be fully repaired. Bwox agrees, and tells them that it will be done by morning.

The group decides to go shopping and get some much-needed supplies and gear. One Merchant tries to trick them into taking a box without looking, turns out it has a corpse in it. They don’t ask any questions, just send it back and ask for the item they actually paid for.

They plan to kidnap an officer from the Imperial garrison on Toydaria. Boss (in an Imperial uniform), K’lee and Gandal (in human form, also in uniform) bluff their way on base, and find a cantina. Boss is gambling, and losing on purpose, as he chats with officers trying to find one that is unhappy. When he finds a like-minded individual, the convince him to leave base and go to a real party.
They quickly get office Fred Davidson off base, but soon are being tailed by two Trandoshans on swoop bikes.

Fezzik takes care of them with a plasma grenade, but then three more show up soon after. They realize that officer Davidson has a tracking device, and communicator on him. They toss it in a nearby river, distracting their pursuers and giving them time to get away. They decide to trade safety for the night in exchange for a future favor with Bwox the Hutt and head to his safe house. They stuff Davidson in a corner, and get a goods night rest.

Then One Where They Regroup
Session 12

Mom, Fezzek, and Gandal walk into the city to see Boss and K’lee running out of a casino being followed (or more likely chased) by a Mandalorian and an unknown Weequay. They are also about to be run over by an out o control speederbike. Upon closer inspection, Pipes and Luna are riding the speederbike.

Boss is unsuccessful in rescuing the girls from the speederbike, but a great shot by Fezzik is able to point it in the direction of Boss’ pursuers. The girls are able to jump off before the inevitable crash. When they look up, Death Watch soldiers are appearing all over the area, including Soram on an upper level with some personal guards.

The ensuing battle is chaos. Boss is shooting people under the cover of garbage. Pipes tries to fight back against enemies in the upper levels. K’lee shoots anything in armor that gets near her. Mom goes in a Wookiee rage looking for payback, and is dropping Death Watch troops left and right. Fezzik fights hard, but suffers a temporary setback when he discovers the whip he stole only works for its owner, and it stuns him. Gandal is still able to convince Death Watch that he is Tory, but is unsuccessful in getting them to bring him a jet pack. Luna is also hiding in Boss’ trash pile, until B-M4X meanders in, and she finds her confidence. When it is clear that they are losing, Soram tells his team to retreat. A speeder comes in to try and help the remaining death watch soldiers escape (Those without jet packs anyway), but B-M4X punches it, causing it to crash. Mom dispatches the driver, and tells her crew to get in. They head back to where Geronimo is hidden, gather the downed escape pods, and head into orbit. Then Boss gets a message from Steve.

The One Where They Gamble
Session 11C

Boss, sensing impending doom, casually tells K’Lee that they are leaving. They coolly walk to the nearest escape pod with squeaker in tow. They land safely in a valley, and decide to try and find some semblance of civilization. After a long hike they realize that they’re not on a desolate planet at all, as the valley opens up to a large city. K’lee breathes a sigh of relief, and Boss grins happily.

They decide to try their hand at some gambling while they’re waiting for a signal from their friends. But just before they head into a casino they see a Mandalorian exiting the valley behind them. They try their luck at a few tables, not staying in one place for too long. During a particularly good run at a saabac table, Boss decides to cheat a few hands here and there to increase his odds. K’lee notices the The Mandalorian that was following them enter the casino with a couple of soldiers and she decides to try and lead them away while Boss makes a few more credits.

Just as a Weequay catches Boss cheating and accuses him, the Mandalorian puts his arm on Boss’ shoulder and says “I have a much more important quarrel with this gentleman.” The Weequay, and the Mandalorian start to argue and Boss sneaks out in the confusion. He exits the casino, catches up with K’Lee, and in the street they notice they are both in the path of an out-of-control a speeder bike.

The One Where The Woman Run and Hide
Session 11B

After hearing one escape pod launch, Pipes grabs Luna on her way to the remaining pod and tells her that they are leaving while they still can. Luna begs Pipes to take her droid with them, so they all cram into the pod.
The pod lands near the edge of a forest and they see that they have been followed by one of the Mandalorian gunships. The girls hide in the forest and when the Mandalorians start searching, they attempt to quietly follow them.

While hiding in the forest, Luna wonders if there are any muffins in her utility belt, also they see that the Mandos are looking through a village, likely hoping to find them. Then the girls suddenly realize there’s something behind them they turn to see a Mantellian Savrip Savrip. He ask them what their intentions are in his family’s village. After Pipes convinces him that they are not with the Mandalorians, they agree to work together to get rid of the soldiers. The girls run and hide in the underbrush and trees while the Mantellian Savrips stealthily pick off the soldiers one at a time.

Eventually the two Mandalorians that appear to be in charge decide on a tactical retreat and leave. After the Mandalorians flee, Pipes and Luna or have their wounds tended to. They are also given an old broken-down speeder bike and pointed to in the direction of the nearest town. Luna can’t fix the speeder so it is stuck on it slowest speed. As the sun starts to set, Pipes gets impatient and kicks the side of the speeder, and it immediately speeds up. The enter the city at top speed when they realize that the brakes aren’t working either and are about to crash in two pedestrians.

The One Where The Bounty Hunters Fight Death Watch
session 11A

As Geronimo exits hyperspace (after Luna’s accidental jump) they emerge near an unfamiar planet. Three Mandalorian gunships quickly appear and pursue. Gandal suspects they were being tracked and his suspicion is confirmed when he finds a tracking device on Tory. The gunships immediately start firing, battering the hull and straining its systems, but not enough to destroy the ship. Boss, K’Lee, Luna and Pipes don’t want to risk it though, and head to the escape pods. As soon as the escape pods launch, Mom sees two of the gunships peel off to follow them. Half of her is glad for the distraction, but the other half hopes they will be alright. Mom decides to they would be safer planetside and takes Geronimo down. She finds a lake in a Forrest they can hide in. And Fezzik provides cover fire giving them time to hide. She plunges into the lake, and the gunship passes over them, landing some distance away. The three take a moment to figure out what to do next.

Mom decides they should leave the ship hidden, and Fezzik figures their chances are better fighting man to man anyway, so they head out on foot. Gandal shifts to look like Tory, hoping that will buy them some time. They don’t know which way to go, and just head into the forest with the real Tory in tow. When they reach the edge of the forest two Mandalorians catch up to them, and Soram lands just outside the forest.

After a tough battle where Mom goes down, Fezzik gets trapped in a stun whip, one Mando goes down and his flamethrower explodes, starting a fire, but Soram flees when the realizes he can’t tell who is the real Tory.
The group then continues out of the forest, over a mountain, where they see a large city. They decide to go, regroup and try to find their friends. Which doesn’t take long at all, they just head directly for where trouble is brewing.

The One Where They Meet Bwox the Hutt
Session 10

Bwox Introduces himself and says they should talk about how they intend to repay their debt. When they inevitably ask “what debt?”, Bwox casually points to a nearby protocol droid. The Droid matter-of-factly list the following:

  1. Two dug pickpockets murdered that owed a debt to Bwox, that debt is now transfered to you
  2. One severely damaged warehouse building.
  3. One damaged assault Droid prototype
  4. Two load lifter droids: One broken, One missing.

Bwox makes another hand gesture and the crowd of bodyguards and thugs around him disburse. He approaches the group and after visually appraising their clothing, gear and ship, he says “I believe it is safe to assume that you lack the funding to reimburse me, no matter, as I am more interested in information than money. So, you will gather some information I need to settle your debt.”
Gandal asks how much the Doug’s owed him, and Bwox just rolls his eyes and says “Well, since you murdered the only other people that could confirm that information, I guess you will owe what I say you owe”
Boss wants to get this over with and says and much, so Bwox motions for his droid to come explain the job. The droid says a man named Tory has the info his master wants, and the Dugs were tracking him down.
The group finds the last Dug and he begrudgingly tells them they’ll need to head to Coruscant and talk to a Besalisk names Mak.

They get to Mak’s house in the lower levels of Coruscant, and after some confusion and some stun blast he eventually gives them the information they need but also lets them know that this is some sort of stalling tactic by the Dug (who could have easily given them the information). By now the bounty hunter Soram Rot has had plenty of time to get back home safely to the planet Mandalore and hide.

(AKA real world lunch break)

When they return to the ship they hear singing and squeaker howling along and Pipes remembers that they still have a captive on their ship. Luna and Kaylee go to talk to the Gran they captured and ask why he was following them. He says he can’t tell or his employer will kill him. Boss quips “So will the cold vacuum of space.” K’lee talks him into giving up the info, but as soon as he says the name Lyssk, his coat starts beeping. Luna tries to take the coat off but is unsuccessful and her arms get caught when a glop grenade explodes. The foam also envelops the Grans head, and while Luna is able to break free Gran suffocates and can’t get them any more info about anything from him. They ditch the body, and head for the planet Mandalore.

They arrive at Mandalore and realizing they need a specific type of information head to the seediest bar in town. They learn they can get in touch with Soram, by pretending they want to hire him. The group gets taken to junkyard to meet the Bounty hunter. An armored woman appears asking what job they need done, and slowly other armored figures start to appear. They tell her they want Tory, but Soram appears and tells them they won’t be giving over Tory, he isn’t a bounty, he is their Brother. Then Soram looks intently at Gandal, he tell Tory that he can repay the favor, and finish a job Soram should have completed a long time ago, and kill the Clawdite. Soram leaves before the ensuing battle breaks out. When the tide turns against the hunters and Tory is captured by our heroes, the remaining hunters flee. They quickly get to their ship in a speeder Luna borrows. They leave the spaceport and are pursued by gunships. Luna calculates a hyperspace jump, and they leave the planet Mandalore behind

They One Where Luna Finds a Droid
Session 9

While the group is spending their hard earned credits on upgrading their weapons and gear, Luna notices a Gran in the distance watching them. Mom goes to confront the guy, and he takes off through the crowd, with Mom and most of the team following. She is able to get ahead of him, but just as she confronts him, two Dugs use the opportunity as a distraction to pickpocket Boss and Gandal.
Pipes and Gandal chase one, Boss sends Fezzik after the other. Mom presses the Gran for info, but before he tells who paid him to follow them, a stun grenade hits him in the chest, knocking him out, and dazing Mom, Boss, and Luna.
Fezzik chases his assailant, and while he doesn’t catch him, he does see him go into an old warehouse. He messages the team and the come to back him up.
Meanwhile, Pipes and and Gandal have caught their thief, and just as they get his gear back, another dug appears and attempts to take Pipes’ backpack. K’lee shows up and shoots him, killing him instantly.
Back at the factory, Luna, Mom (carrying the Gran), Boss and Fezzik enter the building to find it’s an abandoned factory.
Fezzik sees the dug at the top of the stairs and starts to chase after him, but then the Dug says “Catch me or save your friends?” He presses a button and two large bulk load droids activate, and prepare to attack.

Thinking quickly, Fezzik throws his vibrosword at the dug, impaling him, causing him to drop the remote, deactivating the droids.
Luna reprograms one to follow her before another Dug shows up and reactivates the other droid before escaping. Mom, picks up Luna and tosses her on top of the rampaging droid, and the droid tosses her out of the building in return. Luna is able to reprogram the second droid, but then another larger, feline looking, droid appears at the top of the stairs.

It quickly bounds down the stairs, knocking over Fezzik, and destroying one of the load droids. The group decides to get out while the can, but not before Fezzik grabs the Gran, and Boss grabs his credits back (plus a few extra for his trouble).
They get back to their ship to rest and regroup (Pipes makes some armor with her old massif hide, and K’lee trains Squeaker to bite on command). They decide that now would be a good time to leave Toydaria. Unfortunately they get a message from the spaceport telling them they aren’t clear to leave, but if they come to the office, it can be explained.
When the group leaves their docking bay, they are greeted by a Hutt surrounded by an assortment of thugs and bodyguards. He says, “Good evening, my name is Bwox, let us discuss how you are going to repay the debt you owe me.”

The One Where A Bounty Hunts Them
session 8

As the group finishes spending their pay, the get a call from Seng, letting them know that he knows a guy at the spaceport, that says the twins have temporarily closed stopped outgoing traffic while they sort out the city’s pirate problems,and dispose of the acklay. Also explains they work for Zsinj. His top agents actually. Seng says he knows a guy that has a job for them. If they want to make money/kill some time. The hunters in the group decide to check the bounty board instead. They see 3 targets rumored to be on planet. Wookie, trooper X, mutate. They decide on the biggest payout & head to the swamps to hunt the mutate. Pipes finds some tracks and realizes they are looking for a mantilian savrip. Gandal climbs to get a better viewpoint and comes face to face with the beast.

Gandal fires off a stun shot, since the bounty says the target is to be taken alive, and immediately realizes the beast has been modified to reflect stun damage. The team carefully wears the mutate down until it falls. They load it up into the speeder truck, and take it to back to town to collect their payment.

The One Where They Rob a Train
session 7

As the crew regroups inside Geronimo trying to figure out what they are going to do next, they get a knock at the door from Seng.
He says he’s very impressed with them, noting that never before have so few done so much damage with so few resources. He laughs and says that they are his kind of people, and that based on their (admittedly brief) track record, he has a job that should be right up their alley: Stealing some cargo back from the Empire. If they they want the job, meet them at Randy’s workshop tonight
They gear up and meet at Randy’s shop and Seng gives them the details: Ever since their antics with the Star Destroyer they borrowed, the Empire isn’t illegally taking prisoners off-planet to be hunted anymore, but now they’re being packed onto a train and taken to who knows where? He wants the crew to rescue as many people as they can from a train that is leaving tonight. Randy will loan them an airspeeder, since they need to be as discreet as possible.

Although it takes them a while to board the train from the speeder, they are eventually successful. They stun any opposition they find, rescue the prisoners, and liberate some cargo (guns and stuffed animals) before they leave.
They return and Seng pays them what he owes them for the job. When they get back to Geronimo K’lee tosses one of the teddy bears to Squeaker to play with, and as he happily rips it to shreds they learn that the toys are all filled with spice.

The One Where They Fight Pirates . . . Again
Session 6

Our session picks up on Tatooine with the crew heading out of a sandstorm and into Geronimo with their clutch of massiff cubs in tow. They jump back to Toydaria to meet K’lee’s associates and hand over the goods. When they arrive at the spaceport, George and Lucas and several thugs are waiting. Before K’lee (or any of the crew) can talk, the thugs round up l the cubs. Lucas stops just before they leave and hands K’lee a small pup and a credit chip, and says “This one’s too small to be of use, and remember, you never saw us here.” (K’lee dubs the runt ‘Squeeker’)

While trying to decide what to do next, Boss lets them know that he has an orb he acquired right before they all met on the Pride of Ryloth and he doesn’t know what it does. Luna decides to tinker with it and while she discovers that it’s some sort of tiny Droid, it also shoots out a beam of light. They immediately hear voices on Geronimo’s comm unit talking about the light, the orb, and the spaceport.

Before they can decide what to do, the Gungan pirates attack and pandemonium ensues. Gandolfini is able to shapeshift and bluff them for a while until one of their allies shows up, a Karkarodon named Brock, and backing up Brock is an akclay.

As the battle ensues, they hold their own against the pirates, but Brock is tough, and they realize that they can’t do any damage to the acklay, even with Fezzik’s cowboy antics. Ultimately the fight is decided when the Empire arrives decimating the acklay and arresting the pirates. This crew sees two Imperial officers among the troopers and one of them pulls out a loudspeaker and addresses the crowd:
THIS is exactly why you need the Empire to bring peace to your planet! Pirates, smugglers, hooligans, and whatever that is (pointing to the acklay). We WILL bring law and order to Toydaria, and to the engire galaxy. "
Then the other officer comes over so he can tell them “We don’t have time to deal with you right now but, rest assured, we will be keeping an eye on you”
The crew decides that they need to get some funds, some guns, and get off of Toydaria.


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