Death From Below

The One Where They Find a Massiff
Session 5

The crew rest on their ship while they try to figure out what their next move will be. It turns out that is decided for them, because when they try to leave the Spaceport two large thugs named Lucas and George stop K’lee and want to talk. Turns out they work for her dad and in exchange for not turning her in to him, they want her to do a job for them (why risk their necks after all?) Her dad wants a couple of massiffs to raise and train as personal bodyguards, and she and her new found friends are going to get them.

The group looks into their options and decides to head to Tatooine to find the beasts. They land in a local town and start their search. They see a shop owner that has couple of them chained up outside of this store but he says, rather adamantly, that they are not for sale. K’lee is able to charm him into telling her where they can find some. He says there’s a breeder in Mos Espa or they could just head out into the desert and hope for the best. The crew decides that since they don’t actually have any money, the desert is their best bet. Pipes is able to find some fresh tracks and follow them to a cave. They wait until sunset and after a large pack of the massiffs ¬†leave the cave to go out for their nightly hunt, half the group enters (Mom, Fezzik, Gandalfini, and Pipes) while the rest stand guard outside.

Inside the cave they find a few large females protecting their clutch of cubs. After stunning one of them and Fezzik killing one that stays attached to his leg with a death grip they are able to grab a few of the Cubs and leave.

The One Where Geronimo Gets Attacked
Session 4

The group leave Rodia with Seng in tow and tends to their wounds. They exit hyperspace back at Toydaria and head down to the spaceport.

They immediately notice that there is an increased Imperial presence in the spaceport, and around the town as they head to Randy’s shop. As promised, he sets them up with the new clean transponder code (changing the name from ‘Colo’ to ‘Geronimo’). As for the funds they owe, they ask if he will accept him some Imperial blasters they creatively acquired instead of the credits. Randy isn’t happy about it, but accepts, provided they discreetly bring the blasters to him. He doesn’t want to be seen walking around town with a bunch of stolen weapons, not with all these stormtroopers buzzing about. He tells them about the rumors that a star destroyer that left without its commander, and a shuttle went missing, and that’s the reason for the increased Imperial presence.
They head back for the weapons, Gandalfini & K’lee put on sets of trooper armor tey took from the shuttle, while Boss suits up in an officer uniform. The ruse works well, and nobody looks twice as they head out carrying several blasters.
When they return to the spaceport, in addition to the troopers, they notice some of the Gungan pirates they previously encountered. Boss, still posing as an Imperial officer quickly tells the nearest stormtrooper squad that the Gungans are responsible for the missing shuttle. The they sneak back onto their ship in the ensuing confusion.

As soon as they leave the spaceport, they notice a crate that wan’t there before. I holomessage appears: A female Kaminoan says “If you are seeing this, en those stupid Gungans have failed me. Of course, I have a back up plan. I always avea back up plan.” As the message ends, thousands of small insects swarm from the crate and immediately start chewing on any metal part of the ship they can attach to. Dot determines that the bugs are a form of raen sovra, and alerts the crew that they are feeding on electricity. They decide to land the ship and power down. Mom is able to roughly land the ship, but it has taken a beating from the insects. Luna makes a device to lure them away into the swamps, and they take their crippled ship back to the spaceport to decide on their next move.

The One Where They Find the Guy
Session 3

Our adventure starts with our group preparing to go find Seng, but before they can do that Boss gets a call from an old friend, a Wookiee named Steve. He tells Boss that he has a perfect job for someone with his particular set of skills. There is a Imperial officer that is in the market for a new protocol droid. Steve wants, no needs, Boss to be the one to sell him that Droid. Once all of the officers Imperial data/secrets are uploaded, get the droid back so that all that data will be a boon to the Rebellion.
They decide to let Dot pass for the protocol Droid and head over to the space station to meet the officer with Gandalfini taking the form of a human and Luna there to run any technical interference. They pretend to do a compatibility test and they steal as much information as they can from the officers current Droid and then tell him that it doesn’t look like this model will work for him. (That way they don’t have to get Dot back later)

The officer is very upset and has his aide rush them off the station. Boss sends a copy of the data to Steve and keeps a copy for them self in case it comes in handy later. Ten they jump back to Toydaria.

When they arrive, they head to the area near the Imperial Garrison and find a bar to start looking for info on where Seng may be. After talking to the bartender they see that lieutenant Herkin, that took Seng, is currently in one of the booths. They booze him up and press him for information and find out that all prisoners are taken to the Garrison and then shuttled up to the brig on the local Star Destroyer.

They decide to head up to the star Destroyer and find Seng. Gandalfini pretends to be Herkin, with Pipes as his arm candy and Fezzik as his prisoner, while the rest of the group stays behind to make sure the real Herkin stays put. They do end up bluffing their way into the prison, only to find out that Seng has already been “delivered” and that the rest of the prisoners are on their way to the same spot soon.
Gandalf initially warns the team about what’s happening, and they board the Colo and prepare to launch and follow fake Herkin the star destroyer.
The Star Destroyer jumps to hyperspace but no one on The Colo has any idea where they’ve gone so there’s nothing they can do but wait…
The Destroyer arrives in orbit around Rodia, fake Herkin immediately calls the rest of the group to tell them where they are. They take an Lambda class shuttle down ad arrive to a Rodian Clan’s hunting compound, and the crafty shape-shifter arranges for a tour of the area.

The rest of the group shows up and tries to sneak into the property, while Dot and Luna wait aboard the ship. I won’t go into detail here, but just know that a few Rodian guards were hurt, some Imperial prisoners that were to be hunted for sport were set free, and after much flailing around in the forest, they eventually find that man and leave Rodia to head back to Toydaria and collect their payment.

The One Where They Accept a Job
Session 2

The crew exits hyperspace and Pipes is able to deduce they are somewhere in Hutt space. While they are deciding what they should do next, they hear an unknown voice say “I have a suggestion.” They turn to find a droid standing behind them.
The droid suggest that they change their transponder code if the insist on keeping this ship. The pirates will be after it, and anyone with a grievance against the pirates will most likely shoot the ship on sight. They decide Toydaria is as good a place as any to find what they need, and head there.

They talk their way to a mechanic named Randy Robail. He tells them that a new clean transponder code for their ship would be 5,000 credits. The group ask if they can work to pay the fee, and they eventually come to an agreement: They crew will find a friend of Randy’s that went missing, in exchange for the code, and a 2000 credit loan for supplies.
the crew takes the money and buys some much needed equipment.

The one that exasperates 'Boss'
Session 1

The group watches as escape pods exit the Pride of Ryloth and it slowly descends towards the planet. The new makeshift crew of the Colo decides to explore (and loot) their new surroundings. They acquire various gear and supplies, and Gandalfi notices that the dead pirate they have on board has a red light flashing on his wrist. Boss can’t seem to figure out what the device is, so decides to err on the side of caution, and tosses the pirate out of the airlock, then turns off the ships transponder, just to be extra safe.
Luna notices that the ship is equipped to go underwater, but also that the hyperdrive is damaged. She points out that there is one nearby they can acquire for cheap, and points to The Pride of Ryloth as it crashes into the planet below. Mom flies the ship down lands at the edge of the jungle where they see the ship has crashed. The crew split up (always a great idea), some heading into the jungle to retrieve the hyperdrive, and the rest of the crew is staying on the ship just in case.
On the way to the Pride of Ryloth a swamp creature attacks and Fezzik makes it his personal mission to make sure this monster doesn’t surface again. Boss runs back to the ship deciding dying in the jungle isn’t for him.
Meanwhile, back on the Colo they get a message from the other pirate ship, they have returned and are asking why they didn’t meet at the rendezvous point. K’le tries to convince them they are alright and is almost successful until the pirates ask why their comrade is floating in space. The pirates decided to land and check things out for themselves, luckily Boss is able to convince them to land far from where the Colo is. Fezzik kills the swamp monster and goes to check on Luna who is having trouble removing the hyperdrive. Fezzik just rips it out, causing minor damage to it. They leave to head back to the Colo, but more Gungan pirates are waiting as soon as they exit the Pride of Ryloth.

Mom shoots one, and Fezzik knocks out the other with the hyperdrive he’s carrying.
As soon as they return to the Colo, Boss takes off and finds a place to hide while Luna replaces the hyperdrive. Once the engine is repaired, they head into orbit, and escape by jumping into hyperspace.

The one where we start
a.k.a. session zero

A disparate group of travelers are abruptly awaken from their slumber while vacationing on the Pride of Ryloth, to find pirates are attacking the luxury ship.

Separately they all investigate, and do what they can to fight back against the pirates and save the ship. Time is not on their side as they learn that the ship is slowly descending into a nearby planet.
Boss sees one pirate ship looming in the distance, and another pirate ship docked with the ship, and hides aboard. a fleeing passenger dressed in elaborate robes sees him and tells him to keep and orb safe, and then she runs away. Gandalfi and Content Not Found: k-le end up with the captain on the bridge. Fezzik and Mom, fight some of the pirates in the casino, then find their way to the docked pirate ship and dispatch its pilot. Pipes starts looting the store room for supplies. Luna heads to engineering and does what she can to slow the ships descent.
Fate leads them all to the same path of escape; stealing one of the pirates ships. The other pirate ship jumps to hyperspace, thinking their mission is complete, leaving the Pride of Ryloth to its fate, and the makeshift crew wondering what to do next.


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