Death From Below

The one that exasperates 'Boss'
Session 1

The group watches as escape pods exit the Pride of Ryloth and it slowly descends towards the planet. The new makeshift crew of the Colo decides to explore (and loot) their new surroundings. They acquire various gear and supplies, and Gandalfi notices that the dead pirate they have on board has a red light flashing on his wrist. Boss can’t seem to figure out what the device is, so decides to err on the side of caution, and tosses the pirate out of the airlock, then turns off the ships transponder, just to be extra safe.
Luna notices that the ship is equipped to go underwater, but also that the hyperdrive is damaged. She points out that there is one nearby they can acquire for cheap, and points to The Pride of Ryloth as it crashes into the planet below. Mom flies the ship down lands at the edge of the jungle where they see the ship has crashed. The crew split up (always a great idea), some heading into the jungle to retrieve the hyperdrive, and the rest of the crew is staying on the ship just in case.
On the way to the Pride of Ryloth a swamp creature attacks and Fezzik makes it his personal mission to make sure this monster doesn’t surface again. Boss runs back to the ship deciding dying in the jungle isn’t for him.
Meanwhile, back on the Colo they get a message from the other pirate ship, they have returned and are asking why they didn’t meet at the rendezvous point. K’le tries to convince them they are alright and is almost successful until the pirates ask why their comrade is floating in space. The pirates decided to land and check things out for themselves, luckily Boss is able to convince them to land far from where the Colo is. Fezzik kills the swamp monster and goes to check on Luna who is having trouble removing the hyperdrive. Fezzik just rips it out, causing minor damage to it. They leave to head back to the Colo, but more Gungan pirates are waiting as soon as they exit the Pride of Ryloth.

Mom shoots one, and Fezzik knocks out the other with the hyperdrive he’s carrying.
As soon as they return to the Colo, Boss takes off and finds a place to hide while Luna replaces the hyperdrive. Once the engine is repaired, they head into orbit, and escape by jumping into hyperspace.

The one where we start
a.k.a. session zero

A disparate group of travelers are abruptly awaken from their slumber while vacationing on the Pride of Ryloth, to find pirates are attacking the luxury ship.

Separately they all investigate, and do what they can to fight back against the pirates and save the ship. Time is not on their side as they learn that the ship is slowly descending into a nearby planet.
Boss sees one pirate ship looming in the distance, and another pirate ship docked with the ship, and hides aboard. a fleeing passenger dressed in elaborate robes sees him and tells him to keep and orb safe, and then she runs away. Gandalfi and Content Not Found: k-le end up with the captain on the bridge. Fezzik and Mom, fight some of the pirates in the casino, then find their way to the docked pirate ship and dispatch its pilot. Pipes starts looting the store room for supplies. Luna heads to engineering and does what she can to slow the ships descent.
Fate leads them all to the same path of escape; stealing one of the pirates ships. The other pirate ship jumps to hyperspace, thinking their mission is complete, leaving the Pride of Ryloth to its fate, and the makeshift crew wondering what to do next.


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