Death From Below

The One Where A Bounty Hunts Them

session 8

As the group finishes spending their pay, the get a call from Seng, letting them know that he knows a guy at the spaceport, that says the twins have temporarily closed stopped outgoing traffic while they sort out the city’s pirate problems,and dispose of the acklay. Also explains they work for Zsinj. His top agents actually. Seng says he knows a guy that has a job for them. If they want to make money/kill some time. The hunters in the group decide to check the bounty board instead. They see 3 targets rumored to be on planet. Wookie, trooper X, mutate. They decide on the biggest payout & head to the swamps to hunt the mutate. Pipes finds some tracks and realizes they are looking for a mantilian savrip. Gandal climbs to get a better viewpoint and comes face to face with the beast.

Gandal fires off a stun shot, since the bounty says the target is to be taken alive, and immediately realizes the beast has been modified to reflect stun damage. The team carefully wears the mutate down until it falls. They load it up into the speeder truck, and take it to back to town to collect their payment.



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