Death From Below

The One Where Geronimo Gets Attacked

Session 4

The group leave Rodia with Seng in tow and tends to their wounds. They exit hyperspace back at Toydaria and head down to the spaceport.

They immediately notice that there is an increased Imperial presence in the spaceport, and around the town as they head to Randy’s shop. As promised, he sets them up with the new clean transponder code (changing the name from ‘Colo’ to ‘Geronimo’). As for the funds they owe, they ask if he will accept him some Imperial blasters they creatively acquired instead of the credits. Randy isn’t happy about it, but accepts, provided they discreetly bring the blasters to him. He doesn’t want to be seen walking around town with a bunch of stolen weapons, not with all these stormtroopers buzzing about. He tells them about the rumors that a star destroyer that left without its commander, and a shuttle went missing, and that’s the reason for the increased Imperial presence.
They head back for the weapons, Gandalfini & K’lee put on sets of trooper armor tey took from the shuttle, while Boss suits up in an officer uniform. The ruse works well, and nobody looks twice as they head out carrying several blasters.
When they return to the spaceport, in addition to the troopers, they notice some of the Gungan pirates they previously encountered. Boss, still posing as an Imperial officer quickly tells the nearest stormtrooper squad that the Gungans are responsible for the missing shuttle. The they sneak back onto their ship in the ensuing confusion.

As soon as they leave the spaceport, they notice a crate that wan’t there before. I holomessage appears: A female Kaminoan says “If you are seeing this, en those stupid Gungans have failed me. Of course, I have a back up plan. I always avea back up plan.” As the message ends, thousands of small insects swarm from the crate and immediately start chewing on any metal part of the ship they can attach to. Dot determines that the bugs are a form of raen sovra, and alerts the crew that they are feeding on electricity. They decide to land the ship and power down. Mom is able to roughly land the ship, but it has taken a beating from the insects. Luna makes a device to lure them away into the swamps, and they take their crippled ship back to the spaceport to decide on their next move.



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