Death From Below

The One Where They Accept a Job

Session 2

The crew exits hyperspace and Pipes is able to deduce they are somewhere in Hutt space. While they are deciding what they should do next, they hear an unknown voice say “I have a suggestion.” They turn to find a droid standing behind them.
The droid suggest that they change their transponder code if the insist on keeping this ship. The pirates will be after it, and anyone with a grievance against the pirates will most likely shoot the ship on sight. They decide Toydaria is as good a place as any to find what they need, and head there.

They talk their way to a mechanic named Randy Robail. He tells them that a new clean transponder code for their ship would be 5,000 credits. The group ask if they can work to pay the fee, and they eventually come to an agreement: They crew will find a friend of Randy’s that went missing, in exchange for the code, and a 2000 credit loan for supplies.
the crew takes the money and buys some much needed equipment.



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