Death From Below

The One Where They Fight Pirates . . . Again

Session 6

Our session picks up on Tatooine with the crew heading out of a sandstorm and into Geronimo with their clutch of massiff cubs in tow. They jump back to Toydaria to meet K’lee’s associates and hand over the goods. When they arrive at the spaceport, George and Lucas and several thugs are waiting. Before K’lee (or any of the crew) can talk, the thugs round up l the cubs. Lucas stops just before they leave and hands K’lee a small pup and a credit chip, and says “This one’s too small to be of use, and remember, you never saw us here.” (K’lee dubs the runt ‘Squeeker’)

While trying to decide what to do next, Boss lets them know that he has an orb he acquired right before they all met on the Pride of Ryloth and he doesn’t know what it does. Luna decides to tinker with it and while she discovers that it’s some sort of tiny Droid, it also shoots out a beam of light. They immediately hear voices on Geronimo’s comm unit talking about the light, the orb, and the spaceport.

Before they can decide what to do, the Gungan pirates attack and pandemonium ensues. Gandolfini is able to shapeshift and bluff them for a while until one of their allies shows up, a Karkarodon named Brock, and backing up Brock is an akclay.

As the battle ensues, they hold their own against the pirates, but Brock is tough, and they realize that they can’t do any damage to the acklay, even with Fezzik’s cowboy antics. Ultimately the fight is decided when the Empire arrives decimating the acklay and arresting the pirates. This crew sees two Imperial officers among the troopers and one of them pulls out a loudspeaker and addresses the crowd:
THIS is exactly why you need the Empire to bring peace to your planet! Pirates, smugglers, hooligans, and whatever that is (pointing to the acklay). We WILL bring law and order to Toydaria, and to the engire galaxy. "
Then the other officer comes over so he can tell them “We don’t have time to deal with you right now but, rest assured, we will be keeping an eye on you”
The crew decides that they need to get some funds, some guns, and get off of Toydaria.



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