Death From Below

Then One Where They Regroup

Session 12

Mom, Fezzek, and Gandal walk into the city to see Boss and K’lee running out of a casino being followed (or more likely chased) by a Mandalorian and an unknown Weequay. They are also about to be run over by an out o control speederbike. Upon closer inspection, Pipes and Luna are riding the speederbike.

Boss is unsuccessful in rescuing the girls from the speederbike, but a great shot by Fezzik is able to point it in the direction of Boss’ pursuers. The girls are able to jump off before the inevitable crash. When they look up, Death Watch soldiers are appearing all over the area, including Soram on an upper level with some personal guards.

The ensuing battle is chaos. Boss is shooting people under the cover of garbage. Pipes tries to fight back against enemies in the upper levels. K’lee shoots anything in armor that gets near her. Mom goes in a Wookiee rage looking for payback, and is dropping Death Watch troops left and right. Fezzik fights hard, but suffers a temporary setback when he discovers the whip he stole only works for its owner, and it stuns him. Gandal is still able to convince Death Watch that he is Tory, but is unsuccessful in getting them to bring him a jet pack. Luna is also hiding in Boss’ trash pile, until B-M4X meanders in, and she finds her confidence. When it is clear that they are losing, Soram tells his team to retreat. A speeder comes in to try and help the remaining death watch soldiers escape (Those without jet packs anyway), but B-M4X punches it, causing it to crash. Mom dispatches the driver, and tells her crew to get in. They head back to where Geronimo is hidden, gather the downed escape pods, and head into orbit. Then Boss gets a message from Steve.



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