Fezzik is a young, naturally tall wookie, with a muscular build from years of getting himself into and out of trouble. He is rarely seen without his vibro-axe and his mom by his side.


Fezzik likes to fight and hunt and fight. The royal family allowed his friend ship with their son because they knew Fezzik had a kind heart, and would get their son out of any dangerous situations he found himself in.
Through a plot unknown to Fezzik, the son of the King was murdered while the royal family was on an off planet mission. Fezzik was blamed, and his family, ashamed and disgraced, went into hiding. While Fezzik’s father joined a group of underground freedom fighters, Fezzik and his mom headed to the outer rim, where they wouldn’t be recognized.
Fezzik survives by doing what he does best, fighting as a soldier for hire with his Mom by his side. (not realizing that she is constantly watching over him in case someone recognizes him.)


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