K’Lee is a young adult Falleen with light green skin and long blonde hair


Her father was a high ranking Vigo in the Black Sun crime syndicates. She was being raised to eventually take over the family business, but couldn’t be less interested in a life of crime. So she escaped and left to a small town on a distant planet to try a d disappear. Unfortunately, she could not hide her sense of justice, and became a popular politico. Black Sun eventually caught up with her and she fled again, eventually meeting up with the makeshift crew of the Colo.
Her father wont stop searching for her, not only because it is an embarrassment to have lost his daughter, but also because K’lee’s mom gave her a key when she left. A key that belongs to her father and unlocks untold riches.

Since joining the group, she has adopted a pet massif named Squeaker.


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