Death From Below

The One Where They Continue to Fight Droids

session 17

The main group arrives at their ship just in time to find a giant Droid blocking their way after their initial Panic they noticed Kaylee’s old friends Lukas and Jorge asking what the rush is
They admit that they lost red and the Droid attack and they need or want me to go get him back from the sublevels before they are allowed to leave. The group a squid acquiesce since they really don’t have another choice and they don’t want to be on the space station in a longer although physics thinks that you can take the Droid. Mom decides they need to find the rest of the team before heading sublevel.

Back up at the administration level, Pipes dodges the ASN droids and leaves, followed by scared hostages, to explore & find the others. By the time she gets to the ship, they are gone.

Gandalf arrives at the shopping area to find all the shops closed and the area abandoned. He finds a group of girls who’s parents were taken, and ask him for help. He hides with them when he hears someone coming. From one direction its his crewmates, from the other, two more ASN droids. Fezzek takes the fight to the droids and rushes to attack.
Pipes finds her crewmates in the middle of battling the droids and figures they have it handled. She finds a safe passage to the underbelly of the Wheel, and contacts the group to meet her there.

The group meets up with Pipes in the sub levels, (after a fierce and fiery Droid battle involving explosions, alarms, jetpacks and one really upset shop owner.) and they learn that the man in charge, Anthony Kalar, has Wren captured. The catch up with Anthony watching the pit fights and make a deal, if Fezzik can beat Anthony’s best fighter, they can have Wren. If he fails, Pipes will be a prisoner here. K’lee agrees, and they prepare for the next days fight.



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