Death From Below

They One Where Luna Finds a Droid

Session 9

While the group is spending their hard earned credits on upgrading their weapons and gear, Luna notices a Gran in the distance watching them. Mom goes to confront the guy, and he takes off through the crowd, with Mom and most of the team following. She is able to get ahead of him, but just as she confronts him, two Dugs use the opportunity as a distraction to pickpocket Boss and Gandal.
Pipes and Gandal chase one, Boss sends Fezzik after the other. Mom presses the Gran for info, but before he tells who paid him to follow them, a stun grenade hits him in the chest, knocking him out, and dazing Mom, Boss, and Luna.
Fezzik chases his assailant, and while he doesn’t catch him, he does see him go into an old warehouse. He messages the team and the come to back him up.
Meanwhile, Pipes and and Gandal have caught their thief, and just as they get his gear back, another dug appears and attempts to take Pipes’ backpack. K’lee shows up and shoots him, killing him instantly.
Back at the factory, Luna, Mom (carrying the Gran), Boss and Fezzik enter the building to find it’s an abandoned factory.
Fezzik sees the dug at the top of the stairs and starts to chase after him, but then the Dug says “Catch me or save your friends?” He presses a button and two large bulk load droids activate, and prepare to attack.

Thinking quickly, Fezzik throws his vibrosword at the dug, impaling him, causing him to drop the remote, deactivating the droids.
Luna reprograms one to follow her before another Dug shows up and reactivates the other droid before escaping. Mom, picks up Luna and tosses her on top of the rampaging droid, and the droid tosses her out of the building in return. Luna is able to reprogram the second droid, but then another larger, feline looking, droid appears at the top of the stairs.

It quickly bounds down the stairs, knocking over Fezzik, and destroying one of the load droids. The group decides to get out while the can, but not before Fezzik grabs the Gran, and Boss grabs his credits back (plus a few extra for his trouble).
They get back to their ship to rest and regroup (Pipes makes some armor with her old massif hide, and K’lee trains Squeaker to bite on command). They decide that now would be a good time to leave Toydaria. Unfortunately they get a message from the spaceport telling them they aren’t clear to leave, but if they come to the office, it can be explained.
When the group leaves their docking bay, they are greeted by a Hutt surrounded by an assortment of thugs and bodyguards. He says, “Good evening, my name is Bwox, let us discuss how you are going to repay the debt you owe me.”



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